My Weekend with Photos

Another photo post. I meant to do this on Monday. And now it’s Wednesday. I guess my life is just way too busy and exciting to spend on the Internets.


On Friday I went to a party at Sandy’s house. I was lame and sat on the couch and watched the Olympic’s opening ceremonies. Yes, it was long and yes, my butt fell asleep, but it was worth it. It was even more incredible than I had imagined. The footprint fireworks? Awesome!!

Saturday, David and I took his mom to see The Dark Knight (again, for us). It was just as great the second time around. I can’t say it enough. Heath Ledger is incredible. That is the kind of actor I want to be. Except, you know, alive.

After that David and I went to State Fair for some quality Wisconsin and fried food time. After driving around looking for parking for an hour, we arrived just in time to miss the rain. Perfect! We wandered around and people watched and ate yummy foods.

We ate:
Corn Dog
Lamb Sandwich (WI Products Pavilion)
Honey Ice Cream dipped in Chocolate (WI Products) YUMMY!!!!!!
Maple Cotton Candy (WI Products)
Maple Root Beer
Fried Cheese Curds

Was that it? Wow, now that I write it out, it seems like nothing. I could have eaten a lot more, but my money concern was still in the back of my head. The Maple Cotton Candy was the BEST! It was my treat instead of a cream puff. It lasted me all day. PLUS, some friends tried some. PLUS I ate the last of it the next day! I think it was like, $5. What a deal! Nevermind the fact that it gave me a sugar rush and caused me to accidentally punch my metal shoe rack and shoulder David in the jaw.

The coolest part was the Chinese Acrobats. They were incredible!! They did all kinds of twisted gymnastics. Then they twirled tables on their feet!

Their flexibility and balance was awesome.

And then there was this guy. Talk about frightening! He was a ham and worked for the crowd’s applause. And he deserved it!

Nothing says Wisconsin State Fair like Chinese Acrobats!

Well, except for milk. The Herb Kohl Milk House has long been one of my favorite parts of the fair. They don’t have the buy-one-get-one coupons any more, but at 25 cents a cup, it’s still one of the best deals. I always have to get one of each.

 David had a few sips and then guzzled down the chocolate. My favorite was again, root beer. It’s been my favorite since I was a kid. But I still have to get one of each!!

Afterwards we went over to casa de Chuck and Lisa. We hadn’t seen them all summer! It was late, so we only stayed for a couple hours, but it was nice to catch up for a little bit.

On our way home we decided Taco Bell was a good idea. I’m glad we did, only because we saw something so strange. When we drove by the front, there was a girl in a semi-fancy dress trying to open the door. When we got in the drive thru line, there was this:

This dude was standing in line, between the cars. In a suit. Looking relatively clean cut and semi-sober. I just want to know WHY!??!!! Who was this couple and why are they on 22nd and Wisconsin, in formal dress, without a car, trying to get Taco Bell, at 1:30 in the morning??? So weird!!

While I slept off my food coma the next morning, my mom did a triathlon. Her first one ever. And she ROCKED it! She did the Oshkosh Triathlon and came in THIRD place for her age group. She is so awesome and I couldn’t be happier for her.

She is just incredible. Her first triathlon, and she got a freakin’ trophy!!

Monday morning she left for a week long trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. As I type this, she is probably backpacking in the mountains. Her plan is to hike Longs Peak, the tallest mountain in the park. If weather lets her, I know she can do it. My mom is awesome!!!

Writing this distracted me for a little bit. I leave work at noon today for my probable root canal. I hope my tooth is saveable and that it doesn’t suck too badly!


5 Responses to “My Weekend with Photos”

  1. Mishy Says:

    you didn’t have enough milk at the Fair, that’s why your teeth are mad at you.

  2. Sierra Says:

    Ha! Your sugar-induced craziness made me laugh. And, in Boulder, people used to ALWAYS walk through the drive thru. It doesn’t phase me anymore.

    Good for your mom! Good luck with the tooth.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Wow..go mom! Good for her.

    We didn’t get to the fair this year and I’m missing that milk!

    Good luck with your tooth.

  4. cupcakes Says:

    the couple was probably staying at the ambassador… your mom is my new hero… i always liked the strawberry milk… when we do archery, we should dress in formals, too.

  5. summer picnic Says:

    At first I thought these were photos of training for opening ceremony of the Olympics. Wisconsin was a surprise!

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