I Want!

I was browsing Zappos for teal shoes (for Clue) and came across these. Beautiful. I’d like them better in purple, and red would be super sexy. But I’ll take them in pale green. If they had my size I’d buy them. Oh, and if I had $620.

How cool is that bow?!




5 Responses to “I Want!”

  1. Morgan Says:

    if I had $620, I’d pay you not to buy these shoes.

  2. WD Says:

    I’m with doc.

  3. tashamort Says:


    The bling may be a little much, but I think they’re pretty!

    Oh well, let me know when you guys save up $620. You can send it to my Paypal if you’d like. TIA!!

  4. cupcakes Says:

    i would pay $1120 to not buy those shoes. maybe without the rhinestone thing… that alone makes them look not worth above the $100 range. but you have to understand, i also have an abhorance to bows…

  5. Mishy Says:

    well i dig the shoes. i think they’d be cool with jeans.

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