Some Misc

Hurray for Obama! I thought his speech last night was excellent. Full of substance and his plans while still being exciting and inspirational. Lately it has seemed that after the democratic candidate loses, they gain personality. Suddenly they’re bold and passionate. Obama is that candidate RIGHT NOW as he’s running. I find that thrilling. I never thought I’d have fun while watching the DNC.

I finally got this painting framed. I bought it outside of the Reclining Budha Temple in Thailand. Jo-Ann Fabrics had a 60% off coupon for custom framing!! Even still, this was $80 freaking dollars. I don’t have anywhere to put it just yet, but I couldn’t pass up that coupon. I wish I had bought more of these paintings. They were only like, five bucks. I learned a lot about souvenir buying on that trip. The frame has a deep red tone to it, which looks beautiful with the colors in the painting…

I have ONE more shoes-as-art site to point out. Hetty Rose. These shoes are incredible. They’re all handmade-to-order. The fabric is vintage Japanese kimono fabric. I love how pretty and special they are. These are my two favorite styles:


I think I’d buy these before any Christian Louboutins. As much as my heart swells at the thought of the signature red sole, these are not only beautiful, but unique. And I’d be supporting an independent designer. Win-win!

I got a new phone!! My dad offered to put David and I on a family talk plan with my two sisters. We’re going to save a boatload of money, and we got new phones!! Plus… unlimited text/picture messaging. I’ve already sent some. It will be a long time before that gets old.

Hereis my sweet new phone. It’s a Nokia, which makes me happy. I’ve never NOT had Nokia. I like that I already know the menus and how to use the keys and buttons. It makes things much easier. Mine is in red:

New hotness!!


2 Responses to “Some Misc”

  1. WD Says:

    I kinda like the 1st pair.

  2. Ginesa Says:

    Pretty shoes. :o)

    I could never wear them, but they are definitely pretty!!

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