Can’t Stop Eating

Ever have one of those days where you just never feel full? I’m having that right now. My tuna-with-lettuce lunch did not sound good to me. So instead I have consumed half a bag of cheese curds and the better part of a package of Anna’s Ginger Thins. I suppose, of all the things I could be stuffing my face with, these aren’t the worst items. But if moderation is key, then I just lost it.

I don’t know what is up with me today. I’m trying not to get too upset or beat myself up over it. Especially considering I’m restarting my South Beach diet and going back on Phase One on Monday. I let the summer get the best of me and I haven’t lost a pound in about a month. Time to change that. One day of overeating is not going to ruin me forever, but this binge session was a little frightening. It doesn’t help that work just got CRAZY this afternoon. Seriously, there’s about 15 times more stuff in our inbox right now than any other average afternoon. WTF?

Hopefully I will soon experience one of those days where I’m just not hungry at all. Because this is downright annoying. Or maybe that’s “was” annoying. I think writing about it helped me out. I just looked at my cheese curds and wanted to barf. There’s a pretty combination.


One Response to “Can’t Stop Eating”

  1. julia Says:

    God, I totally know how you feel. That cookie monster picture is basically me all the time lately. It’s quite annoying and expensive! I don’t WANT to buy more food to feed my hunger:)

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