Four Years Ago

I started dating this goofy guy. I didn’t want to be in a relationship, and I wasn’t sure where it would go. We hung out and were friends, but I wasn’t thinking about the future. How that all changed, I’ll never know, but I remember the week that I fell head-over-heels in love with him. I don’t know how it happened, but at the start of the week, I was scared, worried, cautious. At the end of the week, late on a Friday night, he asked me again.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

My heart was bursting with “YES!!!” and my mind finally let me forget all the fears and questions I had and I actually said it.

The last four years have not been all puppies and rainbows, but it’s been pretty close. We talk about EVERYTHING and I think that will get us through the next 40 years. And then some.

It’s amazing to feel just as passionately in love now as I did then. I feel like I’m still in that “honeymoon” stage, especially when we’re cuddled up close to each other. I know, it’s terribly sappy, but it’s true. We have brought out the best in each other and pushed one another to grow and try new things. It’s great!

The most recent example of that: David suggested we go get sushi tomorrow to celebrate. Because HE WANTS IT!!! Finally! So tomorrow we’ll be exploring sushi at Japanica. Yummy!

And now, to make this a little less sappy, here are some pictures.

From the first year of our relationship. I think this was around Christmas. When my blonde hair still looked okay.

From cutesy and dorky (we coordinated his tie with my dress):

To the skanky and retarded. Sorry, this picture had to be posted.

From the scary faces…

To the silly faces…

And the silly moments

And all the laughter

And love…

I can’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We’ll take on the future together. And it’ll be awesome.


10 Responses to “Four Years Ago”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Happy anniversary!!! You guys are too cute.

    And have fun at Japanica. YUM! I love that place.

  2. cupcakes Says:

    i can only hope when sandy and i celebrate our 25th anniversary this january that she would express the same feelings for me. okay, maybe not quite the same, but close enough.
    congrats, kiddos.

  3. Sierra Says:

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

  4. kelly Says:

    how nice! Happy Anniversary to you!

  5. PTG Says:

    Awwwww….so adorable. :o)

  6. WD Says:

    You two are so cute that I want to pinch your cheeks!

  7. julia Says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! You guys are too cute.

  8. Bria Says:


    sooo much… happiness to you

  9. msoj Says:

    Man, has it been four years already???

    That is so impressive!

    I do sooooooooooo totally know how you were back before that… just a NORMAL young woman who was unsure of herself (merely for being at the age where uncertainty rules).

    I sure wish that, on some of those days, and on some of those entries, I could have somehow described how NORMAL and how FULFILLING the next four years would be for you.

    You did it all for yourself… you merely invested your interest and emotions in a person who wanted/needed no more than to simultaneously be allowed to do the same in you.

    It is so refreshing to sense you at this point of self reflection.

  10. Sandy Says:

    Oh you guys! I just teared up a little reading that. I especially love those last 2 shots.

    Your relationship will grow and change, but that feeling – of loving him so much, of amazement that it only gets better? In 10 years that hasn’t gone away. I think when things are right, maybe it never does. The way I feel about Jeff is very different from the way I felt about him at 17. But it’s just as strong, if not stronger.

    I’m so happy that you two have found such happiness together.

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