I went back to “my” church on Sunday. I almost can’t get over how friendly people are there. We had two random adorable old ladies come up and talk to us, because they didn’t recognize us. And the pastor came up and talked to us before the service. All the people I’ve talked to there seem genuine. The sermon (homily?? I don’t know what to call these things outside of Catholic church) is real. I can relate to it. I can use those ideas and teachings in my real life. These people are truly “Christ-like” to me, and are examples of how I want to lead my life. I still identify with Catholics and Catholic mass, but I can’t say I ever felt like this when I go to a Catholic church, even within the last year.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a particularly religious person. I do not blindly follow or believe. I question. I think about what it means to live a good life. My number one response to that is to “Love thy neighbor.” That pretty much sums up the most important way to live well, in my book. I get the feeling that this church agrees with me.

This past Sunday’s service involved Communion. For anyone who has ever been to a Catholic mass, Communion is a BIG DEAL. It’s strange to me to only celebrate Communion once a month, but whatever. Maybe it makes it that much more special and meaningful. It was certainly the most relatable Communion service I’d ever experienced. The (female) pastor talked all about how each of us is like a single grain of wheat, but with God, we become a whole loaf of bread. Okay, sounds cheesy, but it worked. We’re all connected, whether we like it or not, and we have to help each other out. I like it.

I never thought I’d be excited to join a church, but I am! I was told the next new member classes start in November. I hope we’re able to take them. Yes, “WE.” David wants to join to. Or, at least he’s okay with joining. He even took Communion. I almost cried, for real.

I used to deny and ignore this spiritual side of me, but I’m learning to accept it. I’ll never be someone who Praises His Name!!!!!! all the time (ala crazy fake seeming Televangelists), nor will I blindly believe religion and ignore science, nor will I allow a church to control my life. And it looks like I won’t have to, now that I’ve found a church that doesn’t want to!


7 Responses to “Clinging”

  1. Bria Says:

    this is a very healthy open eyed way to look at religion and to be able to find your place in it… im very glad that you are making your way within all the red tape of the church…

    personally im not sure where i stand anymore within religion as a whole.. i have too many differing ideas about how things work and what is real… so for now.. ill just be me…


  2. Bria Says:

    i really dont like my icon…

  3. julia Says:

    That is so awesome, Tasha. Having a religion and having a church are two separate issues, but it’s really difficult to have one without the other. We are still trying to find our way around this issue….Nate with his Catholic background, me with my Lutheran/Baptist background. But it’s an exciting aspect of a relationship, and I think a very important one to share together.

  4. cupcakes Says:

    while i am happy that you are happy, this is not the dave that i raised! does this mean you are going to have a catholic mass wedding?

  5. Natasha Says:

    Oh lord, no Catholic wedding! Actually, while in church on Sunday, I could see us getting married in that church clearer than I could ever see us getting married in my Catholic church. Though we still may opt for the great outdoors…

    Julia, it has been really fun to discover this together! It certainly brings us closer as a couple.

    Bria, I’m sorry about your icon 😦 It’s just random!! Maybe I’ll change them again soon!

  6. Bria Says:

    IT MAKES ME LOOK SO ANGRY!!! and im really not….

  7. Sandy Says:

    Praise Jebus!

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