Money Thoughts

I just had two little cavities filled yesterday. And I’ll have to have TWO more appointments for cavities. It was my first time getting a filling, and I’m not looking forward to having it done two more times. I’m getting so sick and tired of having my mouth messed with. I know it has to be done so it doesn’t turn into something worse, but ENOUGH already!! I’ve always had problems with my teeth. I had braces for a long time and had teeth pulled to make room for adult teeth when I was little. Now it involves wisdom teeth and cavities. Fun stuff. Expensive stuff.

David’s birthday is “coming up.” I use quotation marks because my birthday is before his! But as much fun as I like to have for my birthday, I will be happy with a nice dinner and lots of cake. HIS birthday is the big thing. It’s his golden birthday! And we want to do something cool. He’ll be 27 on March 27th. If you’re big on numbers and numerology, that’s turning 27 on 03/27/09. Neato!

So we’ve been discussing what to do. First we were considering a week in Disney World, but are thinking it’s too expensive. So now we’re thinking about a long weekend in Chicago. Rent is coming to Chicago the first weekend of April, and that is when we want to go! We’d go on a Thursday and stay until Sunday. We’d go to a couple of museums and possibly go to a taping of this radio show David loves, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Between hotels and transport and sights and food (trying to keep it cheap but splurging on one nice meal) it could cost about $950, not including spending money. That is a lot of money. Wow. About half of what Disney could cost, sure, but it’s only for three nights!

Plus we want to do something in Milwaukee on his birthday night. We’re thinking Potawatomi Casino. We could do a reasonable dinner for just the two of us, and then meet up with a bunch of friends for some gambling fun. It would be awesome to go with more than the $50 we have brought in the past. Maybe $100 each? We also have enough time to learn how to play more than slots. I’d love to spend a long time at the gaming tables, maybe playing craps and blackjack.

I feel like I always get special stuff and good presents and that David just takes such great care of me. He deserves an awesome time like this. Like a lot of guys, he’s not big on the birthday stuff, but he is excited about this. And he should be! It’s an exciting birthday and an excuse for a birthday celebration like he has never dreamed of.

He should be getting a decent tax refund, and I am due to get a nice bonus in March (if this economy messes with that, there are not words for how pissed I will be). I have about $500 in a CD that matures in February. So none of this will really have to go on a credit card, which is nice. I just have a mental block about spending all that money in one go, especially when I know it should go towards my credit card debt.

Okay, so here are numbers… we’re optimistically guessing David’s refund to be around $1,000. My bonus should be around $1,200. So if we take his refund and my $500 CD, I could put my whole bonus as a credit card payment, and we could have a $1,500 birthday bonanza. I guess that’s not the end of the world. As long as I don’t daydream about ALL that money ($2,700[!!!!]) going towards my credit cards. But it wouldn’t anyway, because that refund is HIS refund. If he’s putting it all in for birthday fun, the least I can do is contribute the $500.

Okay, I think I just needed to type that all out. It’s still a little scary, but I think it’ll be worth it, right? It means my credit cards won’t be paid off immediately, and maybe that “dream” wedding will be pushed back (though lately, again, I’m considering the whole eloping/destination thing) but I have to find that balance between living in the moment and planning for the future. And I think we could do a lot worse than this.

Am I being stupid with my money? Feel free to tell me if you think so. It’s hard to take a step back from a personal situation like this.


5 Responses to “Money Thoughts”

  1. kelly Says:

    my bday is March 27 too!!! This year was my golden bday!!

    I don’t think you are being stupid. I know it sucks to be in debt, but sometimes I think it be better to put off that “paid in full” date than be miserable. that is of course assuming you are NOT using the CC anymore. If you are still using the CC, then no, I don’t think you should take the trip.

    I guess you need to decide what is more important – getting married sooner rather than later? Or living it up and doing something you both REALLY want to do.

  2. Mishy Says:

    i think Disney is offering a special for people on their bdays. you should look into that. or, just make him wear Mickey Mouse ears while walking around in Chicky-G town.

  3. dave Says:

    The special Disney offer is free admission for you, and only you, on the day of your birthday. Very little price difference.

  4. milwaupaliukes2 Says:

    What about taking the very early train to Chicago, staying overnight one night only, and taking the very latest train back to MKE? Taking the train means you wouldn’t have to pay big bucks for parking in Chicago. You would still have 2 full days of vacation in Chi Town. Splurge on a couple taxis and take a few romantic strolls to save on money. With cc debt and plans for a wedding, I think the amount you mentioned is too much to spend on a birthday, even a golden birthday. You can still have a special time and not spend so much money. Then you wouldn’t have to dip into savings or that CD or refund. And when you go out to eat try to use coupons – you can save a lot of moola. Well, I imagine you do this already. If you belong to AAA, only stay at hotels that offer discounts for membership.
    Let us know what you decide to do!

  5. Sandy Says:

    You’re the only person in the whole world I know who says “I have credit card debt – better pay that off before getting married.” Most people do the opposite and blindly rack up credit card debt for the wedding without thinking about. Really, you’re ridiculously responsible. Why are you marrying Dave again?

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