Just Random

I think I have a big crush on Kanye West. Is this weird? How about my major crush on Johnny Knoxville? That’s a little weird, isn’t it? I never watched Jackass. It was seeing him in the movie “A Dirty Shame.” Oh my, I think I’m blushing. Do you have a weird, random crush?

The software at Mint.com seems pretty cool. And free. I don’t like when it tells me I have spent $470 on Healthcare in the last 30 days though, exceeding my budget of $50. 😦

I made Apple Pie Cupcakes again, this time for Bosses Day at work. Everyone loved them. This makes me feel great!

Right now, there is a Kitchen-Aid mixer in my kitchen. <insert singing angels here> My mom let me borrow hers because I am doing a lot of baking this week. I could really get used to having one. That’s dangerous!

I will be making cupcakes on Saturday and next week Tuesday. And possibly the Wednesday and Thursday after that. I’m in cupcake heaven! Tomorrow I am making a lime curd for my Saturday cupcakes. I’ve never made a curd before. It sounds scary and gross. But I bought 12 limes today, so it better work out!

I was able to watch all of the episodes of Project Runway that I missed, along with the finale, AND the debate last night. I was watching TV until 11:00, but it was worth it. I was totally impressed with all three final collections. I’m happy with who won, though I would have been thrilled with either of the top two. But my mind keeps going back to this dress that Kenley made… I want it!!

I’m way behind on that whole “100 things” post that bloggers are doing. Where you list 100 things about you on your hundredth post. Well, my hundredth post blew right by me, so then I thought, I’ll do it when this blog has been around a year. Well, that’s gone too. I’m kind of working on one. So I guess if I post it, it will really be random. In the meantime, here’s an entry I wrote exactly one year ago today. It’s pretty uninteresting, unfortunately.

Does asparagus make your pee smell funny? Actually it does, but did you know not everyone has ability to smell it? Weird!! That’s according to Wikepedia. Apparently I do. Just saying.

  • * Should I have used bullet points for this post? Hmm…

3 Responses to “Just Random”

  1. julia Says:

    Kanye is SOOO full of himself it bugs me. Even though is mom died doesn’t mean he has to be a dick. But I still like his music!

    And Johnny Knoxville = yummy [in a dirty kind of way]

  2. Sandy Says:

    Ha ha! Were you drinking when you wrote this?

    I think everyone has at least one weird random crush. I’m obsessed with Bradley Whitford, but if you know me, that’s not so weird.

  3. cupcakes Says:

    i saw kanye’s moms house when i was in playa del rey. it was pretty hott…. yeah your post was random, but i can roll with it.
    my hot barista has gone AWOL. i am not okay with this. i think this is why i have a sense of emptiness inside me now. great, now i have to go blog.

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