Baby Fever

The other day, seemingly out of nowhere, I thought “I want a baby!” I think I was having one of those “If I died right now, would I regret anything” moments. Just to keep myself in check. Carpe diem, after all. The first thing I thought of was that I would die without having been a mom. Not that I’d want to die with a little baby in the world.

WTF am I talking about?

Anyway, I think this is all because it’s that time of the month, and my hormones are really just making me insane. It’s almost fun to see which side of my crazy comes out around this time. Almost. Usually, I’m over emotional. Rarely, I’m angry. Sometimes I just want to hibernate for a week. This is a new side. I went baby crazy.

David told me about seeing a cute little baby at his work, probably not even a month old, wake up from a nap and stretch in her stroller as her mom wheeled her by. Adorable. I thought again, I want one!!!!

Then hell opened up her great maw and poured heaps of babies into my path. Or so it seemed. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work, and I swear to God I have never seen so many babies in one place. I mean, babies everywhere. At ever aisle we turned down, there were families. With babies. There were cute little Asian babies riding in the cart. There were blond haired, blue eyed babies wandering along side their dads. There was a teeny tiny baby strapped to a mom’s chest. Babies at every turn. Even outside in the parking lot. I’m so sure my period caused this, but thank God for it anyway, or I might have been in trouble 9 months from now.

Besides, if I were knocked up, think about all the awesome stuff that would be off-limits. Soft cheeses, sushi, alcohol. Very sad.

And so, I think I’m coming down from that baby high, though I still feel it in the back of my mind. Yes, I want kids. Someday. Not now.

If you’re not already looking it up or picturing it, the woman in this awesome and infamous commercial is a pretty accurate portrayal of the Natasha from yesterday…


3 Responses to “Baby Fever”

  1. Sandy Says:

    OMG Natasha you crack me up. I can’t say my period has ever made me want babies (well, maybe baby sheep because they taste GOOD.) Now as much as I don’t plan to have kids, I still have those moments too (probably just not as much or as strongly as you), but it’s never been triggered by my period…how strange…

    Clearly you’re a freak. 🙂

  2. cupcakes Says:

    okay. calm down.

    1) you are seeing so many babies because juno came out 10 months ago now, and juno was “cute” so therefore teen pregnancy is now officially “cute” in the republican party, and teen love is deemed “OK” if the parents are from middle class or higher families that are white. this is all serious!

    2) i had a weird dream awhile ago that a friend and i adopted babies, and he was an awesome father, while i was less so as a mother. to remedy this dilemma, i hung out with dave and his daughter, who emily got all hopped up on candy, and i was experiencing extreme exhaustion from the previous nights alcohol discrepencies. you know, i know i tease you for your tolerance, but KEEP IT. when you get to the point of taking helen keller shots you have reached too far.

    3) i think thats all.

  3. jk Says:

    I’m not saying a word.

    But when you get there, make sure you call me to babysit.

    Warren just doesn’t make it as a grandchild.

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