I did it! I went at lunch today and got fitted for my skis. A season long rental. I got to take the poles with me, and I can go pick up the skis next week. YAY! I will be ready for that first snow.

Paying for it hurt a little bit. $168 after tax. And now I’m committed to going, which means buying lift tickets. I know I could use that money for other things, but I wanted this so badly! I haven’t skied for the past two years, and I don’t want to let about 14 years of practice go down the tubes. I have to go about 5-7 times to make this rental worth it, but I plan to go much more than that. There’s a two-three day ski trip with some friends in January. There’s good deals on night skiing in December. After December, I have no shows for the rest of winter, so I hope to hit the slopes at least three times a month.

That $168 would have made a tiny dent in my credit card debt. Now it is going to give me several months of winter enjoyment.

Plus, if my dad wants to take me back to Colorado, I’ll be ready. 

A few years ago my family went to Copper Mountain. It was the only time I’ve skied in Colorado, and I’ve been dying to go back. Upper WI and upper MI have some good, big hills. But there is just no comparison to the real mountains. Now excuse me while I spend the remainder of my afternoon drooling over fabulous Colorado ski resorts. Sigh, why do I like rich people hobbies?


One Response to “SKI”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Well good for you! This will be a fun thing for you to do this winter.

    Though, if you are going out to CO, the extra money you’d pay in baggage fees to get your gear out there may be better spent on just renting while you’re there.

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