Calling My Name

After baking all afternoon on Saturday, I was a little burned out on Sunday. I had planned on MORE baking, but just couldn’t bring myself to do dishes and gather ingredients and head over to my mom’s house to use her mixer. So I didn’t.

But today is a new day and even though I’m at work, I hear these calling my name from my kitchen.

(PS. Isn’t my oven and kitchen floor HOTT?)

Those would be 50 pound bags of flour and sugar. Sandy bought them from Costco for us to split. I have already made quite the dent in the flour.

That’s a lot of flour. And I love it. If only I had enough butter to last the rest of the month. Next time butter is on sale at Pick N Save, I honestly might buy about 20 pounds of it. I’ve gone through 5 or 6 pounds in two months!

I am enjoying baking SO MUCH. If I’m lucky, I will have my very own stand mixer this week. And come January I will actually have free time! Which means more goodies. Especially in the form of cupcakes, my second true love.

756 servings? Is that all?


6 Responses to “Calling My Name”

  1. bakerista Says:

    wow, your site is deliciously amazing! i want that much flour and sugar! hmm…only 756 servings…seriously that wouldn’t last if i could bake all the times I wanted too!

  2. cupcakes Says:

    756. for me that would be like 1,543.

  3. WD Says:

    I like chocolate in case you’re unsure which to use for my birthday cake. TIA!

  4. Sandy Says:

    I am woefully behind in the baking department. I took the afternoon off work to sew and bake and look! It’s 3:30 and I haven’t even fed myself lunch yet. I totally suck.

  5. mergan Says:

    Mmmmm, I fully support getting your own stand mixer – those apple pocket pies were SOOOOO good!

  6. MaryWynn Says:

    Anything I can do to help my betrothed dispose of baked goods, and I am at your service.

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