More Love

My birthday weekend was pretty awesome. I’ll write more when I get the pictures up, which will probably be a long time since I’m still working at 7am and have rehearsals for my show, that opens on WEDNESDAY!! I took off work on Friday, but I hope to go skiing. That would be so much fun.

Anyway, a quick story about my work Christmas party on Friday night. They do a raffle. There were some reeeeally nice prizes, like a weekend in Chicago or a $500 Midwest Airlines certificate. I didn’t win those, though I would have liked it. I can’t really complain though, because my name was drawn and I did win something. It’s sitting here at my desk with me.


OMGZZZZ!!!! I own a Wii and a Kitchen Aid mixer? How will I ever manage my time? I am about to become housebound and really fat. Oh wait, I can buy a Wii Fit!


7 Responses to “More Love”

  1. kelly Says:

    uhh, that’s pretty awesome. what a great raffle.

  2. Robin Says:

    OMG! We had our in house holiday party today and all I won were some crappy Tootsie Rolls! I don’t even like Tootsie Rolls!! You have fun playing your Wii while you bake and I’ll sit here trying to pawn off my Tootsie Rolls.

  3. WD Says:

    Ha ha, Wii Fit!

  4. MaryWynn Says:

    yay more dowry!

  5. cupcakes Says:

    wow, i got to stop working in the government sector…

  6. Bria Says:

    wiat.. wait.. home bound and really fat… tash… is there something we need to know….. call me asap..

  7. Bria Says:

    ummmm you better call me… like tomorrow… like seriously…

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