Vegas Baby!


I haven’t written in so long!

And I don’t have time now!

But I have to share this!

We’re going to Las Vegas for David’s birthday!

I bought plane tickets yesterday!




9 Responses to “Vegas Baby!”

  1. kelly Says:

    jealous. you are going to have so fun. god I love it there.

  2. PTG Says:

    How very cool!!! Where are you staying? Where are you going? I have tons of suggestions for very cool places if you’ve never been!!!

  3. cupcakes Says:

    ha ha… i have a ticket to vegas for then i used miles for, but that trip has been axed. i still have to transfer the ticket, but maybe i should i just sabotage your guys’ trip…

  4. Katherine Says:

    Woo woo woo!!! That is all 🙂

  5. Sandy Says:

    Did you black out the flight numbers in Paint? LOL.

  6. msoj Says:

    LOL – whyyyyyyyyyyy did you black-out the flight numbers when leaving the departure/arrival dates/times??

    It wouldn’t take too much research by someone either inclined to be IN VEGAS or IN MILWAUKEE to find you… and anyone in Milwaukee would have found you long ago.

    You need not fear Houston, though, as you’ll be protected by the “ticketed passengers only” security lines.

    Then again Houston as a whole is a greater threat to travelers than are any individuals who might follow you from the web.

    I’m thinking you blacked-out the flight numbers because you are going to play those numbers when gambling in Vegas, and you don’t want anyone else to share the wealth!

  7. msoj Says:

    PS – enjoy those ‘snacks’ !!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    All right, where the world are you?

    (hiding from the masses who surely copied down your itinerary???)

    Anyway, since I have nothing new to comment on here, I’ll share a tale of my trek through OD yesterday:

    Upon arrival I see an entry on the main page by a British lass of 16. She is distraught over feeling “fat”, among other things. Well of course I look around and find photos of this thin-as-a-rail person with an eating disorder frame of mind.

    I write her the most wonderful, inspirational series of notes, saying whatever I can to try to find a different response than she must get from those immediately surrounding her. I really did select my words carefully and attempt to ‘understand’ some of how she came to be so dissatisfied.

    Well, then I roamed around the website for a bit, leaving her window open. Upon my return to her entry (and after a *refresh*) there was an *edit*, which was directed to the person who had written the notes, and sharing how they really made her feel (listened-to, at the very least) and somewhat inspired… and that they sort of helped her retreat from the immediacy of the seeming problems. It even said that she was crying tears of relief after reading my carefully-written prose.

    Then she wrote that she wished notes would have to be “signed”, so that she could know who had written the nice things.

    So that was my queue to write a private note, and now fess-up that it was me who had written to her.

    And I added that I figured it would take away from what was written given that it was “me” who had penned the offering.

    And presto, she has not (yet?) popped up in my notes at all to make it clear that she hasn’t judged me quickly, and perhaps harshly too.

    I didn’t make any note of her name or online location…

    This is just me spelling out my (slight letdown) and wondering if I would have done best by simply leaving it anonymous.

    (I hope you’ll get back here soon to write again!)

    Look me up if anything in life has you troubled…


  9. Judah Says:

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