I got a paycheck and a bonus today. I had enough to pay one credit card off completely, and still have the other half of our Vegas money left over. Of course, then I’d pretty much have no money for when we got back and need to, you know, eat.

So I bumped it down a little bit to have a buffer for when we get back. But look at how close I am to paying off the first (and the largest) of my credit cards:


I’ll have a balance of $216! BEFORE going to Vegas! Wow, does that feel good! Who knows, maybe next month I’ll be able to click that button for “Pay Current Balance.”

Except now I’m totally thinking, well, maybe I could buy a pair of awesome shoes in Vegas…


4 Responses to “Bonus!”

  1. kelly Says:

    what relief you must feel! That’s awesome. But yeah, you’ll probably ‘need’ to go to the manolo blahnik store and check things out.

  2. msoj Says:

    thanks for the unique graphics… I’m sure we wouldn’t have felt the full effect had you merely written the numbers relating to your credit card balance!!!

    LOL – (wink)

  3. msoj Says:

    (awaits summary of Vegas trip)

  4. msoj Says:

    OK, so you lost it all in Vegas – we still care about what you have to say. Come back soon!

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