Wedding Bells!

I’m still alive! It’s been insanely busy with shows and baking. But somewhere in all of that, I’ve managed to actually start planning our WEDDING! Not just in words, either. In deeds.

We have booked The Flamingo’s Gazebo Chapel for October 1st, 2011. That will be our 7 year anniversary. So far we have a lot of people who say they will be joining us, so I am thrilled!

We also booked an amazing photographer, Ron Miller ( ). My wedding pictures will be what I’ve always dreamed of!

I think I’ve found my dress too, and it’s an amazingly low (for me) $750.

We are working on a reception location now. We are anticipating around 100 guests, and finding a location that will work (and doesn’t cost $15K) has been difficult.

We think we’ve found one at The Platinum Hotel, just off the strip. It will be a little more traditional than we were hoping, but it will have a definite Vegas flair. The food will be amazing, and the restaurant connects to the pool deck, which overlooks the Strip. We’ll have awesome views, a fun outdoor area, and 4 hours of open bar. That sounds like a Vegas party to me!

The only downside is that their minimum is $9,000. And that is after they lowered it for me! I feel like the value is there, but we are going on a budget DIET in the new year. We’re lucky that my parents are contributing some, but it is not enough for our current plans.

I’m looking forward to celebrating with a smaller group than we would have back home. It gives us a chance to really treat the people closest to us. Those taking the time (and the money) to come celebrate with us. We aren’t saving any money by doing it in Vegas. But we don’t have to scrimp on things like food and drink like we would at home.

We will be having a big picnic-style party back home a few months after the wedding. We’ll show the video and pictures, but it will be very casual, and a chance to catch up with those who couldn’t make it out to Vegas.

So stay tuned for wedding FEVER!



6 Responses to “Wedding Bells!”

  1. MSOJ (somebody calls that "massage" now) Says:

    Ha-Ha, you love Vegas!

    And I am sooooooooooooo happy for you!

    IF ONLY I could have foreseen this in detail so many years ago when you could have used the knowledge ahead of time.

    By the way, I just checked your old spot on the web… and it’s still there!!

    You should get back around there one day… to read all of my periodic notes (which collectively tally zero substance).

    Go you in 2011 !!!

    (hope your grandparents don’t upstage you at the reception)

  2. MSOJ Says:

    (so I just met a new diarist today… and for reasons of her internet persona, I found it only fitting to direct her to our long-ago entries… and only then did I return to read them… and they were SO ideal for just the vibes I wanted her to sense)

    I couldn’t be more content about how on-target they were for her.

  3. MSOJ Says:

    All right, time to return to the wordpress nest.

  4. MSOJ Says:

    tap, tap, tap…

  5. MSOJ Says:

    tap, tap, tap…

    Was just reading some of your old stuff tonight… with a new OD friend who I think is great.

    Doing so helped me to make it clear to her how authentic I am at looking for the unique appeal to everyone.

    She’s somebody who is simply gorgeous, but whose own sense OF herself kinda undershoots her actual appeal.

    I continue to remember you fondly…

    (as you can tell by all of these notes)


  6. MSOJ Says:

    Waiting for the return of Tashamort !!!

    gonna have to use Google to find you

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