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Some Stuff and That Other Stuff

August 1, 2008

I have been MIA for over a week! Don’t fret, dear blog, I still love you.

It has not been for lack of STUFF to write about, but rather too much STUFF! Also, I like to include pictures as my documentation, and I have weeks worth of pictures still on my camera. I have had no time to upload and edit them! I am weeks behind on my Flickr 365, too!

I have been busy busy busy for the last several days. Most, if not all, of it has been a lot of fun stuff, so I can’t complain. However, I am really looking forward to sitting at home tonight, all alone, with nothing to do!!

And by nothing, I mean I will probably do the following:

  • Upload and edit all (or at least some) of my photos
  • Update my Flickr
  • Watch TV on whatever channels my TV decides to pick up
  • Do some blogging, with aforementioned pictures
  • Call my friend who I haven’t talked to in a couple weeks
  • Call my sister who is coming home next week
  • Call my cousin who is coming to visit in two weeks
  • Call my other cousin who wants to get together in Madison to discuss wedding and bridesmaid dresses for her wedding
  • Clean

So really, I won’t be doing much laying around. Or, I’ll shirk all those details and just lay around. I at least have to call my sister and my friend. I’m not really a phone person, but when I get into it, conversations can be LONG.

I should have invited my high school buddies over, because I haven’t seen most of them in several weeks. But I really need this time to recharge. Also, I just remembered that Riverflicks starts tonight. It would be pretty fun to go see The Wizard of Oz with friends, but NO, I need a night to just take it easy!

Last Saturday I finally saw Mamma Mia, and I loved it!! It was cute and so much fun! I do not believe it’s a movie that everyone could enjoy, however. I love Abba, musicals, and I’ve seen Mamma Mia live twice. It’s full of cheesiness and fluff, and that’s why I liked it. I thought it was well cast, though not perfect. While I believe Meryl Streep can do little wrong, she wasn’t perfect. Her voice didn’t truly wow me until “The Winner Takes it All,” which gave me chills. Pierce Brosnan’s voice didn’t wow me at all. I think they’re both good enough actors, however, that they made it work. I thought Amanda Seyfried (from Mean Girls!!!!) was right on as Sophie, and her voice was beautiful. I liked Julie Walters as Rosie, better than Christine Baranski as Tanya, though the “Does Your Mother Know” sequence was pretty great.

I love the music so much, that I was disappointed that they cut out a couple of the songs. They did play “Thank You For the Music” over the credits. I don’t blame them for cutting out songs, but I do blame them for adding “When All Is Said and Done” to the end of the movie. That was my least favorite part, tied with the overuse of the slow-motion shot. I am happy that they included the snorkel/flipper dance. In the stage version, that opens the second act with the song “Under Attack.” That song was cut out, but there were still dudes dancing in flippers to the song “Lay All Your Love On Me.” Funny!

Now that I’m done with my Abba freakout, let me talk about my weight and diet… I have not lost a single pound in about three weeks. I had that realization the other night. BAD!! It’s not some freak occurrence. No, it’s my own doing. I have not been following South Beach as well as I should be and now it’s kicking me in my big butt. To my credit, I have not GAINED, but that is not good enough for me right now. I KNOW I can do this, and I’m not giving up this easily!!

I am still usually good when it comes to meals, even while dining out. It’s the between meal snacking that has been my downfall lately. On Saturday I made TWO batches of these delicious brownies, one to take to the beach with my friends on Sunday, and one for David to take to his show. And then Tuesday night I made another batch for a Warped Cast Clue meeting on Wednesday. I not only felt compelled to try each batch, but ate the crumbs, leftovers, etc.

The meeting on Wednesday brought on all kinds of bad food. Kringle, cookies, brownies, YUM! I love junk food, and it was like I couldn’t stop myself from eating more and more. I went a little nuts. At least my brownies were natural ingredients (ie- real sugar and fats!), but I was dangerously addicted to these Keebler Elf fudge-filled cookies. They were like crack.

I have stepped up my exercise in the past couple weeks. I’m back in the habit of going at lunch. It feels great and it makes my workday move faster. That’s probably why I haven’t gained. But hovering around 180 for three weeks does NOT feel good.

I need to take a step back this weekend and really think about what I’m doing. I need to refocus myself, just like I did with my exercise. I need to NOT cheat for a while. Just like the South Beach book says, if you start out with a cheat here or there, that’s fine, but you can’t let one cookie on a Friday night progress to pizza on Saturday and Sunday followed by big bowls of ice cream on Monday and Tuesday. I need to remind myself of that and really work on sticking to the diet. I’m going to go back to Phase One for at least a week to get back into the swing of things. I’m okay with allowing myself a treat on the weekends, but I can’t turn the entire weekend into a free-for-all and I REALLY can’t let it spill over into the week.

I’m 25 pounds down and at have least another 30 to go. My goal for the end of the year was 170. My goal time for 150 is next summer. I have faith in myself that I can blow those goals out of the water!

David closes his show this weekend, and even though it looks like we’ll have a busy rest of the summer, I am planning on some quality enjoyment time. Bring it on, August!!


My Miscellany

July 16, 2008

My weekend was not as super-fantastic as I had hoped, but it wasn’t half bad.

Friday I left work at 4 and had AMAAAAAZING chicken for dinner. We served it with roasted asparagus (did you know it makes everyone’s pee smell weird, but only 40% of the population has the olfactory glands to smell it?) and tomato and goat cheese salad. I’ve done this before, but added fresh herbs ala Kalyn’s Kitchen. I sliced up regular tomatoes and grape tomatoes and added crumbled goat cheese and a handful of freshly chopped parsley, basil, and oregano. I drizzled in some basil & balsamic dipping oil and it was delicious! We’re doing that chicken again tonight. TRY IT. We didn’t do it on the grill, we just pan roasted it and it turned out great.

So then I went to see David in Damn Yankees at Sunset Playhouse. I wore THE DRESS and the new shoes and I felt fabulous! The show was great. It’s funny and light hearted. I’ll be seeing it again, and I’m looking forward to “The Game” and Applegate’s song.

So… here’s the dress picture. One would think I’m talking about a wedding dress or something. Maybe I’ll wear this for my wedding. I love it that much. (PSYCH!!!) Anyway, I forgot to bring my camera (GASP!!!) so I had to take pictures after I got back from the show. This is my silly edit for my self portrait project on Flickr:
Pic174- THE Dress

It is a tiny bit shorter than what I usually go for, as I don’t like for my chubby knees (ha!) to show at all, but the fit just feels so great.

Saturday was a day of running errands. Though we did start by going to Greek Fest at State Fair Park for lunch. We got there just as they opened at noon and YUM!! We ate a gyro, chicken shishkabob, and fried eggplant slices. We wandered for a while and then split a small loukemades, or honey puffs. You really can’t go wrong with fried balls of dough smothered in honey syrup and cinnamon. They were so sinfully delicious.

That night we went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Oriental. Their theme was Christmas in July. I went as the Virgin Mary and David went as Baby Jesus. Yes, we are so going to hell. I (well, we) won second place in the costume contest and won some fabulously crappy prizes! It was waaaay too late of a night, but I had fun.

Sunday was a day to sleep in. Though we did make it down to Bastille Days for lunch. I was very disappointed by the lack of French food and goods, though I did have a delicious crepe and cafe au lait. We listened to a cool band on the street for a while, but we couldn’t stay too long. I dropped David off at his show and went to a friend’s house to help her with some Ebay stuff. I did boring stuff like grocery shopping and washing dishes. I also collected the mail from the bottom of our stairs and found my Moo Cards from Flickr! If you don’t know what these are, I’ll post a picture when I get home. They’re cute! I also got a credit card to replace the one that is about to expire. It has the SAME design as my old one. That is LAME!

Sunday is when we had planned to go to Bacchus, but we had to cancel our reservations! Sunset Playhouse does this “Photo Call.” Basically, they stage pictures so it looks like someone took great pictures during the show. It’s nice to have a slideshow of non-blurry pictures of the show, but it takes so long! Sure enough, David found out that they were going to do it after Sunday’s show. So we cancelled. I was SAD. I don’t really want to go during the week, and now we won’t have a free weekend evening until early August. Oh well.

Instead we made taco salads which is one of my favorite meals. We also watched Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical.

OMG LOL!! Has anyone seen this? I loved it. The Warped Cast is doing this in the winter. I don’t know H(ow)TF we’re going to manage it, but I don’t care right now. It was so funny! The music is really catchy. Right now I have “Mary Lane” stuck in my head.

MondayI called in sick. Could I have gone to work? Yeaahhhh… maybe…. but it wouldn’t have been fun. I had a bad sinus headache thing. I felt good enough by the afternoon to do a buttload of laundry and dishes, so I didn’t feel like a total bum. David and I watched the movie Waitress after dinner. It was CUTE!

Tuesdayfor lunch I ate the first lettuce from my garden! I used it in a salad. It was pretty good. I also started my new stripperific classes. I’m taking a Lap/Strip class and another encore of Pole 2 from Miss Pole. I really like the teacher. She’s funny and really gives you a workout. The Lap/Strip is… interesting. I do know that it really worked my abs, so I’ll keep an open mind. In Pole 2, I am getting upside down on the pole more often than not. And… last night… I hung by just my legs! I took my arms off completely! It was only for about 2 seconds, and it hurt my poor thigh skin badly, but I did it!! My pole partner in crime also made it upside down finally! It was a good class 🙂

And with that, it’s already Wednesday!!


April 29, 2008

I have quite the motivation problem. I don’t really know where it came from. But it sucks. It’s not like I sit at home and do nothing all the time… but sometimes I do! And sometimes that really is all I want to do! I think it comes from being so heavily involved in theater for the last few years. When almost every night is involved in rehearsals or performances, I tend to want to collapse into a ball of nothingness when it’s all over. I usually don’t have a problem doing things I want to do. Just the things I need to do.

Right now, this is causing a major battle with my apartment. It is messy, and dirty, and it makes me angry. But after a long day at work, it is SO difficult to work up the motivation to deal with it.

The problem is that we started off on the wrong foot. We live in the upper flat of a duplex where David and his family lived for many years. For the last handful of years, David’s dad lived in the upper, and his mom in the lower (they were all but divorced, but he stayed close to help with her medical needs.) Long story short, his dad decided to buy a foreclosed house/duplex down the street. He offered us his old apartment for a nice rental discount, providing we take care of basic house stuff.

So that’s where my living situation came from. We have a beautiful three bedroom duplex with a kitchen, dining room, and living room! It’s way more space than we needed. The house that David’s dad bought needed a lot of work, so although he moved in, he was working on renovating much of the house, including the foundation. So he didn’t need and didn’t have room for all of his stuff. So we moved it all into the front bedroom at our place.

We had moved in during a show (Grand Hotel) and during the hottest weekend of the year! There wasn’t much time for cleaning the place between David’s dad moving out and us moving in. Then, we stupidly decided to have a cast party/housewarming party ONE WEEK after we moved in. This was dumb. DUMB! We tried to get unpacked, but it just wasn’t going to happen. We put non-essential boxes and junk in the front bedroom and closed the door. We bought a ton of booze and food, and threw the party.

It was a great party, everyone had fun. But we were just never motivated then to go through the boxes and junk that had been shoved behind that bedroom door. Worse- we added to it! We never got the chance to really deep clean the apartment. Instead, it has felt like we’ve been living in a little bit of limbo. We plan to stay here for a long time, so this spring I am trying to really make it ours.

That means deep cleaning. And unpacking. And organizing. And uncluttering. And decorating. I’d love to be painting by June. That’s our goal. We are not in any major plays right now, so it should be attainable.

Last night I started deep cleaning the kitchen. I am using these spring cleaning checklists as a guide. I work better with a list. I didn’t get much done yesterday, due to a lack of sleep Sunday night. I started washing down the walls. I got one section done, and I washed out one set of cupboards that were not being used. We threw out excess serving utensils (we don’t need two ladles!) and moved our Tupperware containers from the pantry to the cabinets.

I hope to finish washing all the walls I can get to tonight. I don’t know if I’m just not cleaning hard enough, but there seems to be some stains on the walls that are NOT coming off. I hope that’s okay, and we can just paint over it.

I’d also like to finish organizing and cleaning the pantry. It’s nice to have, but we haven’t made the best use of it. Now that we have an extra shelf cleared from the Tupperware, we can spread out our pots and pans to make them more easily accessible. Also, we have many cabinets in there that aren’t being used because they need to be washed. I haven’t done this yet because… there are spider webs! And spider webs usually mean spiders. GROSS!

I’m really bad at organizing. I’m fine with washing dishes, cleaning walls, dusting window blinds, etc. But when it comes to putting things away, I’m at a loss. I like to be organized, but I have too much STUFF. I am trying to be objective and throw things away that I don’t need. This is difficult for me because of theater. You never know when something might come in handy. I could throw out this weird skirt, but what if I could use it for a costume down the road? Or what if that old cell phone could be used as a prop?

I am going to ask myself, “Can I easily buy something similar if I DO need it at some point?” If the answer is yes, I will toss it. If the answer is no, I’ll have a big bin of “theater stuff” for things like costumes and props that can be stored in the attic, NOT laying around my dining room.

I’ve been trying to embark on a cleaning and organizing mission like this for quite some time. I grew up in an orderly home, and I am determined to achieve that for myself!