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September 25, 2008

First off, I’m not going to forget to do this. I was given my second blog award (I am totally lame and forgot to blog about the first one) by Ginesa.

I have to thank her, because if anyone’s blog is encouraging, it’s hers! We found each other, thanks to the internets, and have enjoyed cheering each other on in our weight loss journeys. She is doing GREAT! Not only is she losing weight, but she’s training for a race and doing a kickass job on her runs. Plus she has an adorable daughter who just turned one, and posts pictures often. Yay babies!!

Okay, now that I have remembered to write about that…

I had a dream a couple months ago about a bakery. I’m unclear as to whether I owned it, or was just a customer. It could best be described as a dessert bar. It was decked out in black and pink and had a modern, yet whimsical and a not-too-girly feeling to it. Kind Alice-in-Wonderland-ish. It was in a part of town that was part nightlife/part college area. Although it happened to look just like this street of gay bars that I visited in Thailand.

There were big comfy couches and booths where groups of young adults picked off large trays of gourmet goodies. Fancy versions of youthful desserts like Oreos, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Twinkies, and other treats like cookies and cupcakes. It was like a cafe, where people could come in, hang out, study, work, chat, and eat delicious desserts. Or they could place orders to go. It was cool. And it was open late.

I awoke with the insane urge to open this place.

A couple days after this dream, a coworker talked to me about a thought she had about opening a “Wonka Bar.” She had just seem us perform in “Willy Wonka” and had this idea of opening a bar that served candy-themed drinks. It fit in perfectly with my dessert bar idea. It could be called the “Candy Bar” and could serve all kinds of delicious desserts along with yummy drinks.

Just a couple weeks ago, after dinner with my dad and sister for her 13th birthday, we wanted to go get dessert. I racked my brain for places to get dessert, near downtown. We had just come from a restaurant. We didn’t want to go into another one just to order dessert. Kopp’s custard was far away. We didn’t want to go to a grocery store to get cupcakes and eat them in the car. We settled for gelato from Whole Foods. But eating gelato in a car on the way home was not the perfect way to end the night (though close, because Whole Foods’ gelato is yummy).

I started thinking, does Milwaukee really not have a cool place to go get dessert? Shouldn’t we have one? We have plenty of awesome bakeries, but those require planning and forethought. What if I want to GO OUT for dessert, at 9:00 at night? The closest thing I can think of is at the InterContinental, where you can order up some chocolate truffles or petit fours at $2 a pop. Good, but not quite what I’m looking for.

So now I’ve had this thought, this dream, of opening up a “dessert bar” in Milwaukee. I’m not the best baker, but I would learn. I’m pretty good, and if I had the time, I think I could develop quite a nice talent. But running a bakery? I don’t know… It sounds like a good idea sometimes, but then I think about all the potential problems.

How would I get started? Where would I find money/space? Would I be able to sell stuff? What about equipment? What about health insurance? What about health codes and regulations? What about the potential of financial ruin? What if no one thinks it’s as cool as I do? And so on…

I keep thinking about working towards it, though. Maybe devote my weekends to baking. Learning about it and trying out new recipes. I have a couple friends who own theatres. Maybe they would let me sell some treats on show nights. Maybe I could develop a small following. Maybe I could start a by-order-only business, and then hope for it to grow. Maybe… what if… what about…

I don’t feel like I’m cut out for the 8-5 job that I’m in right now. My creativity is stifeled. I need more. I want more. I deserve more. I wish I could jump into this RIGHT NOW. But I have to step back and think. Maybe I can go to MATC and get my associates business degree. I hear that gives you some good entrepreneurial information, and it wouldn’t take half a lifetime to finish. Maybe in five years, I can really start something. Or maybe in five years I’ll think it’s even more foolish than I do now.

And it’s time for my favorite Disney quote. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast sings,

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere; I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned.”



July 18, 2008

I figure I’d better do this “tag” game right away, or else I’ll forget. But first, I want to talk about last night.

David and I went to The Grove for dinner, since he had to be at his show at 6:30 and I had to be out in New Berlin at 7. It’s kind of backwards… we save gas money on driving between Elm Grove/New Berlin and home, but then we drop $30 on dinner. But it gives us some quality time together, rather than rushing through dinner at home.  I had the most amazing salad- spinach, mandarin orange slices, slivered almonds, and a toasted sesame dressing. It was simple and delicious. I may have to try to recreate it. It was soooo good.

While at dinner I found out my Pole 2 class was cancelled, so our/my plan for the evening was shot. The whole point was to stay out west and not have to drive back and forth multiple times. But I didn’t feel like hanging out for 4 hours waiting for David. So I accepted the gas mileage.

But first, I went to the YMCA and put in a long workout. 30 minutes on the elliptical, all the weight machines (that I know how to use) and a stretching session later it was after 8:00 and I felt great. It was the longest workout I’ve had in months, and I miss it. I had planned on going to the Y after work a couple times a week for a long workout, but that hasn’t happened this summer. David and I carpool, so it’s not as simple as me just GOING. I dislike doing exercise outside when it is super hot and humid, so maybe we’ll have to try to work something out again. My lunchtime sessions are fine, but I don’t feel like I get a REAL workout.

So, onto tagging. Ginesa over at Adventures of a Family Through the Little One tagged me and it seems kind of fun, so I’ll join in.

5 things found in your bag1) Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm 
2) Bright pink wallet
3) Beat up cell phone
4) Random receipts, coupons, papers
5) Checkbook with this chicky cover:


5 favorite things in your bedroom
This is tough, because lately we’ve been pulling the mattress into the living room where the A/C is, so our bedroom is kind of limbo right now.
1) I’m eternally grateful for the ceiling fan
2) My pretty, large, antique-y white dresser with gold trim. It’s been my dresser since high school.
3) Random shoes strewn about
4) Kind of cool lamp from Ikea. I love lamp!!
5) Pretty wall-mounted candle holder that was a housewarming present

5 things I have always wanted to do
1) Leave the continent… but I’ve done that now! So I guess… leave the continent again!
2) Be in a movie
3) Audition for a Broadway show
4) Travel to every continent, including Antarctica!
5) Work in events/planning/PR

5 things I am currently into
1) South Beach Diet
2) Trashy TV Shows
3) Not melting into a humid puddle
4) Paying off credit cards
5) Photography

Wanna play? Then TAG, you’re it!

Unproductive Entry

March 3, 2008

Well, I was actually “tagged” by Evie over at All The Phenomena Of Existence and I guess I’ll join in.

The game is that you list seven random facts about yourself. Then you’re supposed to “tag” seven other people. I’ll try to “tag” but who knows if any of those people will do it. It seems like everyone has already done this anyway.


1. I love theater. I love performing. I love everything about it. Except maybe the stress and the never-having-any-free-time part. But the excitement of performing on a stage usually makes up for that. I have been acting for as long as I can remember. I did my first play in kindergarten. I was the heroic Bush Deer in our class production of “Anansi and the Strange Moss Covered Rock.” I’ve been hooked ever since then. I should sit down and count how many shows I’ve done, but I can at least say that number is well over 30. More than half of those have been within the last 5 years.

2. My first car was a ’95 Toyota Avalon. I had an internship thing through my high school with CNI- Community Newspapers. My mom was a Girl Scout leader. My dad worked. I had to drive to New Berlin a couple times a week after school. So my parents bought a third car. That car was beautiful and I crashed it before I ever even got to make out in the backseat. That is still so sad to me.

3. When I went to UW-Milwaukee, I had a sweet apartment on Oakland, near Locust. It was above a dental office, so after about 5:00, we had the whole building to ourselves. That “we” was my male roommate and I. That is the most platonic relationship I have EVER had with a man. I find it truly remarkable how absent my girly behavior was around him during the two years we lived together. I had zero interest and it worked out great. Even sweeter than the apartment, however, was the arrangement. My daddy paid for my rent. He also paid for my tuition. He also gave me an extra $50-$100 a month to buy groceries and stuff. I didn’t realize how good I had it.

4. Cake is my favorite food. I love all cake, but my favorite is a dense, white/vanilla/butter cake. I almost always like the cake part better than frosting. I think I’m more excited about the wedding cake than the wedding dress.

5. I often like embarrassing things. Right now, I love (LOVE!)the song “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus. Yes, aka Hannah Montana. I love it so much that I made a “cameo appearance” in a video my little sister posted on YouTube that involves us dancing to this song. And I find it hilarious. I also love trashy or lame reality shows like “My Super-Sweet 16” and “Dancing With The Stars.” My favorite show ever is “Nip/Tuck.”

6. There are three things that have always been on my list of “what I want to be when I grow up.” They are: Event Planner; Actress; and Photographer. If I could somehow manage to support myself by doing one of those things, I would be the happiest girl in the world. If I could even do one of those professionally part time, I would be pretty thrilled.

7. Sometimes I wonder if anyone can possibly know how much I love my fiance. Sometimes I feel like no one else in the world can possibly feel love like we are feeling it. That is sooo self centered but sometimes it’s really nice to feel that special and comfortable and happy. I love the nights where we lay in bed and talk and it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It’s just us. No problems. No pain. No worries. Just love and living in the moment. It’s painfully sappy, but those moments are often my favorites.

This doesn’t quite qualify as a “fact about me” but it is exciting news. D and I are cast in another Lake Geneva murder mystery! Dale Gutzman writes two of these a year for the Geneva Inn and this will be our third. Not only are the scripts funny, but it’s fun to improv with people as they ask for more clues about the mystery. Best of all, we get to stay overnight for free in one of their beautiful rooms, dinner and breakfast is provided, and we get Saturday afternoon off to wander the town of Lake Geneva.

Dale is always provided with a spacious suite for Friday and Saturday nights. Last year he couldn’t stay on Saturday night and so David and I got to stay a second night in his suite. It was sweet! Hahaha, I’m so funny. My fingers are crossed for that happening again. It would be a perfect mini-vacation and we’d be able to spend some nice quality time together. Something we just haven’t had enough of since I’ve been back.

Oh! And tagging… I tag WD, Dave, Sandy and/or Jeff, Sierra, and Erin. And if you’re reading this and this sounds like fun, then join in! And if I tagged you but you don’t care, well then FINE!!!