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The Material Girl

May 12, 2008

I get the occasional “special offer” e-mail from my credit cards. Normally I delete them, but this one caught my eye. It’s a special pre-sale for card members for some of Madonna’s future tour dates. Including Chicago. On Sunday October 26th.

I love Madonna. However, I’m weird in that I don’t love concerts. I’ve been to very few, and although I’ve enjoyed many of them, they’re just not my thing. But Madonna… well, she’s a showstopper, isn’t she? A performer, to be sure.

There are very few concerts that I would hear about and say “YES PLEASE!!!” The only ones to really pop into my head are Madonna, Aerosmith, and Bare Naked Ladies. I would like to see these people before I die. Or, actually, before they die.

So now I need to somehow justify that this is worth spending huge amounts of money on, including the tickets, and the drive to Chicago, and probably the day off work on Monday, and possibly a hotel in Chicago on Sunday night.

With credit cards to pay off, a wedding to save for, and a fiance who wants to take a golden birthday trip to Disney World next year, I’m not so sure I can justify this.

But I love you Madonna. While I may confess to liking your 80s stuff more (Immaculate Collection, anyone?) and Like A Prayer may be my favorite song, I still like almost everything that you put out, and I can’t help butĀ dance like a freak when I hearĀ “Four Minutes.”