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July 18, 2008

I figure I’d better do this “tag” game right away, or else I’ll forget. But first, I want to talk about last night.

David and I went to The Grove for dinner, since he had to be at his show at 6:30 and I had to be out in New Berlin at 7. It’s kind of backwards… we save gas money on driving between Elm Grove/New Berlin and home, but then we drop $30 on dinner. But it gives us some quality time together, rather than rushing through dinner at home.  I had the most amazing salad- spinach, mandarin orange slices, slivered almonds, and a toasted sesame dressing. It was simple and delicious. I may have to try to recreate it. It was soooo good.

While at dinner I found out my Pole 2 class was cancelled, so our/my plan for the evening was shot. The whole point was to stay out west and not have to drive back and forth multiple times. But I didn’t feel like hanging out for 4 hours waiting for David. So I accepted the gas mileage.

But first, I went to the YMCA and put in a long workout. 30 minutes on the elliptical, all the weight machines (that I know how to use) and a stretching session later it was after 8:00 and I felt great. It was the longest workout I’ve had in months, and I miss it. I had planned on going to the Y after work a couple times a week for a long workout, but that hasn’t happened this summer. David and I carpool, so it’s not as simple as me just GOING. I dislike doing exercise outside when it is super hot and humid, so maybe we’ll have to try to work something out again. My lunchtime sessions are fine, but I don’t feel like I get a REAL workout.

So, onto tagging. Ginesa over at Adventures of a Family Through the Little One tagged me and it seems kind of fun, so I’ll join in.

5 things found in your bag1) Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm 
2) Bright pink wallet
3) Beat up cell phone
4) Random receipts, coupons, papers
5) Checkbook with this chicky cover:


5 favorite things in your bedroom
This is tough, because lately we’ve been pulling the mattress into the living room where the A/C is, so our bedroom is kind of limbo right now.
1) I’m eternally grateful for the ceiling fan
2) My pretty, large, antique-y white dresser with gold trim. It’s been my dresser since high school.
3) Random shoes strewn about
4) Kind of cool lamp from Ikea. I love lamp!!
5) Pretty wall-mounted candle holder that was a housewarming present

5 things I have always wanted to do
1) Leave the continent… but I’ve done that now! So I guess… leave the continent again!
2) Be in a movie
3) Audition for a Broadway show
4) Travel to every continent, including Antarctica!
5) Work in events/planning/PR

5 things I am currently into
1) South Beach Diet
2) Trashy TV Shows
3) Not melting into a humid puddle
4) Paying off credit cards
5) Photography

Wanna play? Then TAG, you’re it!