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June 5, 2009

I have to thank my blog for calming my irrational fear of my weight loss. I gained a bunch of weight back over the holidays, and have been painfully bereft of motivation to get back on the diet and exercise train. About a month ago I finally found it again and have been going strong on South Beach again. I’ve been doing a good job and was going crazy when I saw how slow the weight was dropping off. But looking back to my blog entries from a year ago, I’m only a couple pounds behind where I was then. Last year I lost about 10 pounds in the first month, and now I’m only at about 7. That’s not too bad, and it’s enough to keep me going.

It’s so much easier to eat healthy in the summer (almost summer). Fruits and vegetables are beautifully in season and lighter foods and cooking styles are so much more appetizing.

I would define myself as more of a winter person, but there’s something about the reemergence of life all around me and the sun and warmth that makes me feel alive and optimistic.

This weekend I hope to tackle and finish a HUGE uncluttering project in my house. Our front room, aka one of our three bedrooms, is currently a disaster. You can’t even walk in there. It’s about half our stuff that was shoved in there upon move-in, and half David’s dad’s stuff that he couldn’t take while he was working on his new house. But now there is reason to get it cleaned out, and I am looking forward to it! I say this about every other week, but I really want to get our house to the awesome-level. Cleaned, organized, decluttered. It needs it, and it would make me much happier. Hopefully this will be the big first step that can kick me into some spring (summer?) cleaning.

My baking addiction is still going strong. I’m entering a cupcake competitionon Saturday and just baked about 4 dozen cupcakes last night in preparation. I also signed up to be a member of the Just Baking blog group, so I’ll be sure to talk about when my first post goes up! I successfully made macarons a couple weeks ago, and they were delicious and quite possibly my newest obsession. I’ll post some pictures soon.

TGIF! I will be enjoying the weekend by going to David’s play, Noises Off, twice. You should too! I mean, not twice, but you should go. It’s hilarious.


Baby Fever

October 17, 2008

The other day, seemingly out of nowhere, I thought “I want a baby!” I think I was having one of those “If I died right now, would I regret anything” moments. Just to keep myself in check. Carpe diem, after all. The first thing I thought of was that I would die without having been a mom. Not that I’d want to die with a little baby in the world.

WTF am I talking about?

Anyway, I think this is all because it’s that time of the month, and my hormones are really just making me insane. It’s almost fun to see which side of my crazy comes out around this time. Almost. Usually, I’m over emotional. Rarely, I’m angry. Sometimes I just want to hibernate for a week. This is a new side. I went baby crazy.

David told me about seeing a cute little baby at his work, probably not even a month old, wake up from a nap and stretch in her stroller as her mom wheeled her by. Adorable. I thought again, I want one!!!!

Then hell opened up her great maw and poured heaps of babies into my path. Or so it seemed. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work, and I swear to God I have never seen so many babies in one place. I mean, babies everywhere. At ever aisle we turned down, there were families. With babies. There were cute little Asian babies riding in the cart. There were blond haired, blue eyed babies wandering along side their dads. There was a teeny tiny baby strapped to a mom’s chest. Babies at every turn. Even outside in the parking lot. I’m so sure my period caused this, but thank God for it anyway, or I might have been in trouble 9 months from now.

Besides, if I were knocked up, think about all the awesome stuff that would be off-limits. Soft cheeses, sushi, alcohol. Very sad.

And so, I think I’m coming down from that baby high, though I still feel it in the back of my mind. Yes, I want kids. Someday. Not now.

If you’re not already looking it up or picturing it, the woman in this awesome and infamous commercial is a pretty accurate portrayal of the Natasha from yesterday…

Just Random

October 16, 2008

I think I have a big crush on Kanye West. Is this weird? How about my major crush on Johnny Knoxville? That’s a little weird, isn’t it? I never watched Jackass. It was seeing him in the movie “A Dirty Shame.” Oh my, I think I’m blushing. Do you have a weird, random crush?

The software at seems pretty cool. And free. I don’t like when it tells me I have spent $470 on Healthcare in the last 30 days though, exceeding my budget of $50. 😦

I made Apple Pie Cupcakes again, this time for Bosses Day at work. Everyone loved them. This makes me feel great!

Right now, there is a Kitchen-Aid mixer in my kitchen. <insert singing angels here> My mom let me borrow hers because I am doing a lot of baking this week. I could really get used to having one. That’s dangerous!

I will be making cupcakes on Saturday and next week Tuesday. And possibly the Wednesday and Thursday after that. I’m in cupcake heaven! Tomorrow I am making a lime curd for my Saturday cupcakes. I’ve never made a curd before. It sounds scary and gross. But I bought 12 limes today, so it better work out!

I was able to watch all of the episodes of Project Runway that I missed, along with the finale, AND the debate last night. I was watching TV until 11:00, but it was worth it. I was totally impressed with all three final collections. I’m happy with who won, though I would have been thrilled with either of the top two. But my mind keeps going back to this dress that Kenley made… I want it!!

I’m way behind on that whole “100 things” post that bloggers are doing. Where you list 100 things about you on your hundredth post. Well, my hundredth post blew right by me, so then I thought, I’ll do it when this blog has been around a year. Well, that’s gone too. I’m kind of working on one. So I guess if I post it, it will really be random. In the meantime, here’s an entry I wrote exactly one year ago today. It’s pretty uninteresting, unfortunately.

Does asparagus make your pee smell funny? Actually it does, but did you know not everyone has ability to smell it? Weird!! That’s according to Wikepedia. Apparently I do. Just saying.

  • * Should I have used bullet points for this post? Hmm…