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Getting Nervous

June 17, 2010

I have a lot of baking to do in the next week and a half!

Monday is Iron Cupcake, so Sunday afternoon and evening will be spent baking and decorating 12 dozen mini cupcakes!

Tuesday evening I will be baking a few cupcakes to take to my friend when I go to visit her new baby on Wednesday.

Saturday I am baking 10 dozen (full size) cupcakes for the wedding of two friends. This will be started on Thursday evening. I’m nervous about this because, even though the flavors are going to be simple, I have no idea about the logistics of baking 10 dozen cupcakes! I feel like it won’t be that hard, but a couple of weeks ago I baked 5 dozen, and it took me well over 8 hours to do all the baking and decorating.

The decorating on those 5 dozen, however, was a little more complicated. But cute! Check these out:

Fortunately I just have to make these 10 dozen look pretty. Swirly frosting, maybe some sugar pearls, but nothing as intense as marzipan ladybugs!

Then, of course, after the cupcakes are done I have to find the energy to party at the wedding! I hope I can do that, because it is sure to be a fun tonight.

I’m nervous because this is a lot of baking! I was hoping to spend most of the week prepping. Cleaning my kitchen, getting all my supplies purchased and in order and ready to go. Now I’ll have to do that a little quicker than planned. I will post pictures when it’s all done. And maybe of the tornado that sweeps through my kitchen.

In other news, David and I are trying to plan our wedding. BUT we’re so confused by all the options! Right now we’re not even sure WHERE we want to get married- locally, or in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas sounds like FUN, and it would combine a honeymoon into one trip. We’d get married on a Friday night, and then spend the weekend in a nice suite. It wouldn’t be eloping, because we would still be inviting a lot of people to join us. But of course, some people won’t, because it is expensive.

That means the biggest pro of the in-town option is that all our family and friends could be there. We’d have a party back in town if we got married in Vegas, but it wouldn’t be the same. Sure, my parents and a few friends would join us in Vegas, but what about people like my grandparents? Vegas hold no particular appeal to them and the airfare would put a huge burden on them. So they wouldn’t be there. Can I handle that? I’m not sure. What about aunts and uncles that have watched me grow up? Will I just ditch them? What about friends who would LOVE to come, but really can’t afford it with their student loans and their rent payments? Is it fair to ask them to come, knowing that it will set them back, or they won’t be able to?

Just because Vegas is fun?

Baking 10 dozen cupcakes is going to be much easier than planning this wedding.


Cupcake Madness

November 5, 2008

So, now that politics is mostly done punching us all in the face like an attention-starved child, I will recap a cupcake baking spree I went on with some friends.

Cristina’s friend Jenny was getting married on October 31st. She must be a very laid back bride, because she just wanted some friends to make some cupcakes instead of having a wedding cake. Due to my baking obsession and access to an additional stand mixer, I got invited to help out. We were very disorganized, deciding on what cupcakes to bake on the night we were baking them, purchasing ingredients, not starting baking until after 7!! Sandy volunteered her kitchen for us all, and everything turned out great.

We decided on doing basic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and making a variety of frostings. We used this cupcake recipe, minus the apple pie filling, and this chocolate cupcake recipe, minus the filling. We also made this chocolate orange vegan recipe.

We split into two “teams” of two and went to work on the vanilla and chocolate. I had made the vanilla before, so I wanted to try the chocolate. I made a couple mistakes by not reading the recipe thoroughly enough, but everything turned out just fine!

The batter was kind of runny, which worried me a little, but wasn’t a problem. Also, this batter was not that tasty before being cooked. But the cupcakes tasted delicious!

The other team made some mistakes in mixing up the vanilla batter too, but nothing unfixable. In fact, it turned out great! And the batter was yummy enough that we all had to try it.

After making a huge mess in Sandy’s kitchen, all the cupcakes were in the oven or cooling on the counter top. We sampled one of each, you know, for quality control. I call this piece Relaxed, happy bride, with mess:

Then it was on to frosting. We decided on five flavors:
-Basic Cream Cheese
-Nutella Cream Cheese
-Peanut Butter
-Vegan “Buttercream”

We started with the basic cream cheese, from a recipe that Sandy found. It made a HUGE amount, so we split it in half and started scooping in Nutella to the other half. Well, and into our mouths.

Though there’s not much that can make Nutella much better than eating it straight out of the jar, this made a frosting worth offering to the gods.

And licking off every square centimeter of beater and bowl.

Then we got to my favorite. I don’t actually know how a frosting surpassed the Nutella frosting, but my peanut butter frosting did it. I was planning on using this recipe for the frosting, but we didn’t have any cream cheese left. So here’s about what I did:

Peanut Butter Buttercream:
–1 stick of butter (8 TBSP)
–1/4 cup-1/2 cup of peanut butter (I used a well mixed natural creamy peanut butter. I probably used just over 1/3 cup. You don’t want the texture to be sticky or runny, but you want a lot of peanut butter flavor)
–2 cups of powdered sugar (can add more if the frosting is too runny)
–1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
–1/8 teaspoon fine salt
–I added about 1 TBSP of heavy whipping cream while beating.

Beat butter in mixer until smooth. Add peanut butter. Slowly add powdered sugar, vanilla, and salt. Beat until smooth and fluffy, adjusting amounts if necessary.

SO easy, and so delicious!! I licked the bowl and beater, and kept going back to the pile of fluffy frosting for more. I gave myself such a stomach ache, but it was so tasty!

The colors are kind of off in my picture, but the finished chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. And Cristina’s sprinkles.

The fourth frosting was a fuchsia butterscotch buttercream. Why pink? Why not! I made this using a regular vanilla buttercream frosting, but swapped out the vanilla extract with a concentrated butterscotch flavoring.

The vegan frosting DID NOT turn out. It just was a weird lumpy mess. Who wants to eat a frosting made with margarine anyway? Jenny’s vegan guest couldn’t make it anyway, so we frosted the vegan cupcakes with the basic cream cheese frosting. The vanilla cupcakes were frosted with the butterscotch or Nutella, and the chocolate cupcakes got Nutella or peanut butter.

Cupcakes were still being decorated when I finally had to leave after 10:30. I was exhausted but had a total sugar high. The cupcakes were nothing fancy, but I bet they tasted delicious and I hear the guests liked them. And… it was FUN!!

Me Me Me

June 13, 2008

I’m feeling very wedding plan-y today and I don’t really know why.

I read a post on a wedding blog, and suddenly realized something. Weddings are SO self-centered. How do you plan a wedding without being all ME ME ME!!!!?? I can be vain, and certainly enjoy being the center of attention, but it’s weirding me out to think about planning a giant party to honor ME. Well, me and my groom of course, but US.

I think that’s why, when I think about what I want, it focuses on the guests. I mean, of course I want to look outrageously beautiful, but I really want my guests to eat great food and to have a blast. I know, that’s what everyone wants, right?

That seems to be the “problem,” because if I cared less about my guests, I could put them in some cheap place and serve them crappy food, and spend more money on ME. I don’t want to do that. That is most definitely not ME.

Would I give my pinky finger for an amazing designer gown? Yes, probably. But I’d rather take that $4,000 (or more…) and be able to invite an extra 50 of my friends and family.

Unfortunately, a $4,000 dress sounds just as unreasonable as our 200 person guest list right now. We’re doing well in paying off our debt, but we won’t be debt free for almost a year. And then we’ll only have a very small savings. If any. We were planning on Disney World for David’s golden 27th birthday next year. But his sister wants us to come to Europe with their mom in a couple years. I’d love to do these things, but then how will I afford the kind of wedding that I want?

I do not want a location that looks like a gymnasium or an 80’s prom hall. But I don’t need the Calatrava/Art Museum (though I’ll tell you, I WANT IT). To me, a wedding has always been about all your friends and family and loved ones being in the same room to celebrate and wish you love and luck in the start of a new chapter of your life. For me to take a chainsaw to the guestlist would be so painful. So how do I throw a nice reception for THAT many people? I guess that is the question I will be trying to answer.

My parents aren’t exactly throwing money at me. And not that they should! I am thinking of approaching them with a plan… maybe they could match everything I save? Even half of each dollar would be such a huge help.

My parents divorce could, and should, be it’s own entry. It’s final now. And they seem so much happier and alive. But let me tell you, having your father take you to lunch to tell you that he’s moving out, just a few weeks after your engagement is HARD. It hurt. It completely shook everything I’ve ever believed. I’m still dealing with it. My parents were married for almost 25 years! And the vast majority of those years were happy. They were happy.

So not only did my dad often tell me how much he thought marriage was pointless and weddings were stupid, but I had constant doubt. Am I doing the right thing?! Will we still feel this in love after 25 years?  I guess nobody REALLY knows those answers, but I finally figured out that my answers are YES! I am madly in love, and I can’t imagine that ever going away. And to me, that’s as close to a sure thing as I can get.

My mom bought my sister and I each a set of Waterford Crystal Toasting Flutes. She saw them at work (Boston Store) and bought them. While the pair she got for me are just a tad over the top, the fact that she thought about me, and David, and our MARRIAGE was amazing to me. I almost cried.

So now I finally feel like I can talk to my mom about the wedding. I always felt like I had to avoid the subject. But she gets along with David really well now, and with that gift, I feel like she’s opened the lines of communication back up.

What I’m really excited about is that I think I’ve found a church. I don’t have many ideas about the ceremony. I want it personal and romantic. I’ve always pictured outside. But I never tossed out the idea of a church. Though we did toss out my mom’s Catholic church hopes. I was raised Catholic, but haven’t felt like I fit there lately. Religion has become too politicized, and that’s unfortunate. Religion is not connected to politics in my mind, but I just feel uncomfortable when I walk into my Catholic church and see tables full of anti-choice and anti-homosexuality books in the back. I believe God loves all of us. I really do like Catholic Mass, but I can’t do it every week. And so often it’s just depressing! And makes me feel guilty.

But I think I’ve found a church that practices what it preaches. And it’s preaching is not preachy, it’s practical. I still feel a strong sense of God and Jesus in the building and their service filled me with hope and strength and motivation to go out and be a GOOD person. David and I are now seriously thinking of joining Plymouth Church, part of the United Church of Christ. Their slogan alone is enough for David: “Our Faith is 2000 Years Old. Our Thinking is Not.” I love it!

Sitting in church a couple weeks ago was fantastic. I felt at home. And I could see us getting married there. Being raised religious, having a little God talk in the marriage ceremony is important to me. But I had to make sure David could handle it, as he was basically raised as an atheist! He likes this church and that makes me so happy! The people there sure do help. An older couple talked to us for 5 minutes after the service because they figured we were new. They talked about how much they love the church and went and got us a “welcome” package and made sure we knew about the coffee and tea gathering going on in another room.

I don’t think we’re doing anything this Sunday morning. I really want to go again.


June 2, 2008

I had a great weekend. Completely superfantastic. I couldn’t stop smiling last night while laying in bed. Normally I stress about waking up early, going to work, all the housework to be done, wondering if I forgot to do anything important, etc. But last night, I couldn’t even think about that stuff. I was just consumed by happiness and love. There was no room in my brain for negativity and it was such a fantastic feeling.

Friday night David and I went out to Osteria del Mondo with our double-date couple Chuck and Lisa. We had a great dinner from the Downtown Dining Menu. Between the four of us, we tried everything on the menu and trust us, you can’t go wrong! David and I both tried a new wine and I felt sophisticated while drinking my Soave and eating my veal chop.

We didn’t want our night to be too fancy-schmancy, so afterwards we went to Silk to spend the rest of my economic stimulus check on strippers and booze. David and I couldn’t stay out late, but we had a great time watching three bachelors get used and abused on stage. The pole work wasn’t mind blowing this time, but there were a few awesome moves. I don’t really know why we go here, but after a couple drinks it always sounds like a fun idea.

David and I had to call it an early-ish night so we could get some sleep for our early morning rehearsal (at 8:00!!) for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for The Warped Cast. Despite being so early and suffering a slight hangover, I managed to have fun. The people involved are so crazy, how could I not?

Nevertheless, I was glad to get out of there and get home to take a warm, hangover reducing shower. Originally we had planned to go to the Milwaukee Art Museum but I worried that my headachey self wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I should. Plus it was so nice out, we just had to get outside. We went down to the Third Ward and shopped at Broadway Paper (love it!!) while waiting for our table at Swig, another restaurant participating in Downtown Dining.

I actually ordered off the regular menu, in an attempt to stick to my diet, at least until dinner. I did try something new from them, however. I got the black bean cakes and the peppercorn crusted tuna. Both were great! David and I both were amazed at how delicious the black bean cakes were. We will probably order that one again!

After we were done with our leisurely outdoor lunch, we wandered the Third Ward. I finally got to go into Anthropology. I was in a little heaven. Everything was so pretty!! I didn’t bother to try anything on. I’m trying not to spend much money on clothing until I lose more weight. I don’t plan on being this size forever!

We also browsed Downtown Books and picked up a couple of copies of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to use for our show. I would have loved to wander all afternoon, but I had to get to my friend Lauren’s graduation party and still have time to get ready for dinner. We could only stay for an hour, but it was nice to see her and her family and her daughter who is getting so big!

After that we went back home and got ready to go out to Polaris (the rotating restaurant) with Sandy and Jeff, David’s sister and her husband. They are just back from a vacation in Paris and Berlin and we had to hear some of the stories. We had a wonderful meal, certainly the best one I’ve ever had there. And we had great conversation. We talked about travel and their trip and we talked about all four of us going to Disney World next year for David’s birthday. No, none of us are five years old.

I ordered the Strawberry Brioche dessert. It was SO GOOD. OMG! Flaky pastry with some sort of strawberry preserves and whipped cream. I knew it would send me into a sugar coma, but I risked it and ate the whole thing.

I was feeling tipsy on sugar and cosmopolitans by the time we left, but it was the perfect way to walk into a theater to see Sex and the City. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. In fact, I really enjoyed myself. Part of the fun of movies, especially one like this, is to imagine yourself in the characters’ shoes (and oh, the shoes!), so it’s no surprise to me that I spent half the movie crying and the other half laughing. If you liked the show, I think you’ll like the movie.

Despite what I thought was a lame ending, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And apparently it had a similar effect on David, because we got all shmoopy and hugged and kissed and talked about how we want to share our lives together and he’d never be nervous or scared or think twice about marrying me. It was sweet. 🙂

Sunday we slept in. I love being able to sleep yourself out. We got up and started getting ready to play Scatterball with some friends. This game is kind of like dodgeball and I’ve also heard it called Survivor. You get a group of people and a bunch of (SOFT, nerf-like) balls and a big open area. In our case, an area of Lake Park. Then you try to throw the balls at each other and hit people. If you get hit, you have to sit down, but you have to pay attention to who hit you, because when THEY get hit, you can get back up. If you catch their ball, they have to sit down and can’t get up until you get hit. In order to win, you have to hit everybody. It’s really a lot of fun and it was the perfect day for it.

Everyone brought some food or drink and between games we’d sit under the shade of a tree and eat, drink, and chat. Leila and Samantha, my sisters, and Leila’s friend joined us a little later. They were good! Leila actually participated! She is always sitting inside on the computer. It was good to see that her legs still worked.

After the game broke up and people started heading home they wanted to hang out at the beach for a while. David went home and I walked down to Bradford Beach with the girls. We all sat on the sand and enjoyed the sound of the water. Samantha and I played Tic-Tac-Toe in the sand and talked about all sorts of things. It was so nice to spend a relaxing afternoon with my sisters.

They dropped me off at home and David and I started making dinner. We planned to go over to my dad’s house to watch Iron Chef America because our cable was acting up. Paul Bartolotta was the challenger and he was taking on Mario Batalli. Paul Bartolotta is from Milwaukee and his Bartolotta restaurants are wonderful, including our favorite Milwaukee restaurant, Bacchus. To make things even more awesome, one of his sous chefs on the show was Adam Siegel, the head chef of Lake Park Bistro and Bacchus!

Bacchus was having a viewing party event that I wish we could have gone to. Chef Adam was recreating the whole five courses and there were TVs to watch the episode! Whenever we watch Iron Chef we always wish we could try the food. And we could have!! For $85 a person including wine. A great deal in my mind, but a little more than we could afford right now. The secret ingredient was rice and all the dishes on both sides looked fantastic. Batalli won, but only by one point in each category. Good job Bartolotta!

We came home and got ready for bed and cuddled and held hands until we fell asleep. This may not seem like a spectacular weekend to everyone, but between the beautiful and sunny weather and all the quality “us” time David and I got to have, it was near perfect.

Planning For Life

May 13, 2008

At 23 years old, I often feel like I should have more of a purpose, direction, or plan. I know that 23 is still pretty young, but it won’t last forever, and there’s still so much I want to do. I’ve touched on this theme before, but it’s weighing on my mind again.

I work full time. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it (usually). I took a break from theater to get my house in order, and it will get there, slowly but surely. But I feel like there’s so much to do in my LIFE and I don’t know when to do it all.

Here’s some of what I want to do:
– Go back to school and get some kind of degree in something!
– Get married
– Have or adopt kids
– Find a job that I love
– Move somewhere new
– Travel

I have long wanted to work in events. I love acting, but I don’t think that’s where I’m meant to make a living! I love photography, but I don’t know enough to work in that field (yet). Events (or public relations, marketing, etc) seem like the perfect place for me to use my creative AND practical sides. It just so happens that David’s sister feels the same way. In fact, she recently got a great job working events. We have talked a lot about opening our own event-planning business, and I really love the idea.

I would like to at least get my associates degree (if my past credits transfer, it wouldn’t take THAT long) in business. It seems like the program at MATC has a lot of practical courses on starting your own business. That would help both of us out.

The big time thing to me is kids. I think I want them. I’m 99.9999% sure I do. I think David is almost as sure as I am. I don’t know if I want to have my own or adopt. Either way, 30 seems like a deadline there. Sure, I could probably push it to 35 for bio kids. Could I adopt up to 40? Probably, but I don’t know that I’d want to. 30 seems like a good time. Not too old, not too young. I want to be able to keep up with a baby or two! Plus, I’m too selfish with my time right now to even have PETS, let alone kids!!

The “problem” I run into while trying to think about where my life is going and what I should be planning for, is that there are SO many things I want to do before I have kids!!

My degree should definitely be done before kids. I will obviously be married before having kids.

David and I have talked a lot about picking up and moving somewhere. Just for the heck of it! To experience a new city, to start a life together, to get out there and try something new, to go on an adventure! We’ve done a lot of casual browsing, taking “Where Should I Live” quizzes, etc. We’ve thought of Portland OR, Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, and many others. We like the feel of Milwaukee, but want something a little different. Of course, my dream is Chicago or New York, but David doesn’t like the thought of living in those places.

My current obsession is Lexington or Louisville KY. I know, I know… Kentucky??? What am I thinking? Well, my dad recently came back from a road trip where he visited some friends in Louisville. He could not stop raving about how nice of a city it is. He literally said “I want to move there!” I could barely take him seriously. I mean, it’s Kentucky! But after seeing pictures and browsing the Wikipedia and Craigslist pages, it doesn’t look that bad. They’re on a similar scale as Milwaukee. They’re not TOO far from home (Lexington is about 8 hours from Milwaukee). They are affordable and plenty of major corporations call one of those cities home. They’re safe. They have tons of art and history and culture. They both have summer festivals. And lots of theater. They look pretty good! Don’t believe me? Read their Wikipedia pages (linked above).

Ideally, we’d like to try out a new city for maybe a year or two. If we like it, we stay. If not, we move back to Milwaukee. I want to do this before we have kids for many reasons. But after we’re married. But then what does that say for the hopes of an event planning businesss?

I was thinking about going back to school in the fall. But how will that affect my debt-free goal? They say that student-loan debt is “good debt” and hopefully with a degree, I’d be able to get a job that pays more than my current one. But still. I am really against owing ANYTHING right now, and I don’t want to think about making more payments to anyone.

Also, how am I supposed to justify saving up buttloads of money for a wedding, when that money COULD be going to student loans? Argghh!

If money didn’t get in the way, I’d go back to school in the fall. At most, I’d be done in two years. At that point I’d get or be married. We’d take a kick-ass honeymoon somewhere exotic. Then we’d look for a job in the city of our choice, and move there for about two years. At this point it would be 2012 and I would be around 28. Perfect time to settle down in Milwaukee and do the kid-thing (close to family aka built-in-babysitters). Having kids seems like the ideal time to kick start a home business.

Even if I don’t start that plan for another year, to save money, or what not, I’ll be around 29 when I’m ready for settling down/kid time. That’s not too bad. I’ve thought that my life might be over once I have kids, but I don’t think that has to be the case. I’m sure my mom or David’s sister would be willing to baby sit while we went on vacation. And when they’re older, they could come along.

This is all pretty overwhelming. I like to live in the moment and be spontaneous. I don’t want to plan everything out. But I also don’t want to turn 30 and feel trapped or feel like I didn’t do anything with my young years or like my dreams of adventure can’t be achieved.


Candy Everywhere

January 24, 2008

There is candy everywhere in the office today. Someone filled a communal candy dish with full sized candy bars and cookies and bags of M&M’s. Someone else has Twizzlers sitting on her desk. It feels like everyone is forcing it down my throat! I caved and had a Snickers, because that has nuts, which have protein, right…?

I am twitching in my chair because the sugary sweetness is getting to me and making me want MORE. Rather than eat more, I thought I’d write about wanting it and how I am avoiding further temptation.

In other news, I tried on wedding dresses yesterday! Nevermind the fact that I have NOTHING planned (but tons of ideas) and don’t even have an official date. But I played dress up for an hour at Cloud 9 Bridalin Gurnee, IL. A little far, but they talked me into it at the Wedding Expo I went to over the weekend. They were so nice and totally didn’t care that I had nothing planned. They weren’t evil tag rippers and had dresses in bigger sizes to try on. And they were very pretty!

Wow wedding dresses are major pieces of equipment. I felt like I was wearing a tent at first, with all the layers and the long trains and the crinoline. But I got used to it. Now I can’t wait to go somewhere with my girls- Mom, sisters, or future-sister-in-law. Or anyone else that wants to go.

I’m bad- I totally showed David the pictures. My excuse was that no one else came with me. And I didn’t fall head-over-heels in love with any of the dresses. He was actually excited to see me in these pretty dresses!

Here are some of my favorites:
I don’t remember the designer of this one, but I love, love, love lace. And sparkles!

This was a beautiful “latte” color and wrapped in sheer tulle and beading. I loved the lacy look and was surprised by how much I liked the mermaid style. Although I think I need to lose a couple of tens of pounds before I would consider going with this style.

This one was totally interesting. I didn’t think it would be my style at all, but I had seen it in a magazine and wanted to try it. I liked it more than I thought I would. It has a corset back and a girly train and lots of glitter, but I kind of liked the modern stripes. Imagine how stunning it would be on someone tall and thin!

So that was my superfun afternoon!


December 6, 2007

A couple weekends ago I attended another wedding: Chris and Jenny. Chris went to school with David and he also plays piano for our theater. Because of this, there was a weird combination of crowds for me. My theater friends and David’s friends were both present. I have many different “worlds” of friends and they rarely collide. When they do, it always trips me out a little. It’s not that they don’t get along or I don’t want them to meet, it’s just that I always end up doing certain things with certain friends or seeing them in different places.

 Anyway, Chris and Jenny got married at the Hubbard Park Lodgein Shorewood. The location was totally cute.

Although it was a little tight in there for the ceremony and all the tables and chairs. I would guess they had a few more “YES” RSVPs than they expected.

The ceremony was beautiful. Chris’s uncle was the officiant and he was something of a comedian. It was still heartfelt and sweet, especially when they read their own vows. I totally cried.

The bridesmaids were stunning in black dresses with a simple bouquet of three HUGE calla lilies.

After the ceremony it was time for dinner. It was so delicious! First there was a salad with some sort of delicious garlic Parmesan dressing. The entree was chicken crusted in cashews (I think it was cashews) and some roasted vegetables. It was some of the best chicken I have ever had. It was so tender I barely needed a knife.

The servers came around and poured everyone champagne and there was a toast. Instead of clinking glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss, they wanted the guests to sing. Chris and Jenny met in a pit orchestra for a musical and all the tables were named after musicals. The guests were supposed to sing a song from their table’s musical. This sounds cheesy, and it was, but it actually worked really well. There were two tables of “theater folk” and some of us ended up walking around to all the tables to help them sing one of their songs. (Not me, unfortunately, since I was sick and had no voice.) It was pretty amusing. Surprisingly enough Chris and Jenny were into it the whole time.

(I apologize for the terrible picture quality.)

Then there was cake and a coffee bar. The cake was SOOO good. I need to find out who they used. I love cake pretty much more than anything in the world, and this didn’t disappoint. There was lots of extra, so I got two pieces. YUM!

They had a small jazz band after dinner and cleared away some of the tables for dancing. We didn’t stay as long as we wished we could, mostly because of being sick. That was lame.

Here are some other fun and funny pictures of the evening:

Oh, did I forget to mention we coordinated dress and tie? We’re biiiig geeks that way.

You can check out the rest of the pictures on my Shutterfly site.

Wedding Photo Story

October 17, 2007

I went to a wedding this past weekend. I was looking forward to this for a long time because the reception was being held that the Milwaukee Public Museum. So cool!

My sister was in town this weekend too. So much to do! So little time! David and I had lunch with my dad and sisters before the wedding. All dressed up. At Saz’s.

Surprisingly, we didn’t spill anything on our fancy clothes. And I ate ribs. With my fingers! (Side note- I LOVE Saz’s ribs. Even more when I don’t have to pay for them.)

Then, with our stomachs full of delicious food, we sped off to the ceremony. It was at this cute little church in Tosa. We walk in and the groom greets us. He looked so clean! And nervous. He called us his Dave-and-Tasha-in-law. Which seems like a demotion to me, but whatever.

Even Jesus and his last supper buddies came to watch.

We take our seats, squeezing into the row with all our friends. I sit next to David’s friend Jac, who I’ve never seen looking so dapper!

The wedding starts, after some difficulties unrolling the aisle runner. The bridesmaids all chose their own styles of apple red dresses:

Check out the tattoos on the Maid of Honor!

The bride had both parents walk her down the aisle. I think I started crying here.

The groom is one of those joking types. He always cracks inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. That’s the way he is. I was surprised at how sincere his vows were. It made me cry again. It was really a beautiful wedding.

Red is a great bridesmaid dress color.

 Impromptu receiving line.

David’s sister was one of the bridesmaids. She asked if I could help decorate the reception site. This is normally a job I’d love to help out with. Unfortunately, I was given almost no information of how it was to be decorated. Nevertheless, I said yes.

Especially since there was enough time for me to stop off for a beer:
  Sunset Wheat. An acceptable replacement for the deliciousness that is Summer Shandy.

Don’t get too drunk. We have decorating to do.

Oh, the decorating. It wasn’t difficult. But there wasn’t enough STUFF. There were 13 tables. We had 11 vases and 12 bunches of flowers. And an odd amount of candle holders. We called some friends to bring vases and when the bridesmaids showed up, we used their bouquets. The tables ended up looking like this:

Except for one. I sat at that table along with some bridesmaids and friends. We didn’t mind not having candles.

Then there were the placecards. They were not in any kind of order. So we alphabetized about 100 cards. That was not fun.

The reception was on the second floor and we had free rein. Including the special exhibits. Thanks to me! I’ll explain… When Abbie (the bride) got there, she was surprised that the main doors to the exhibits weren’t open. The ones to the Egypt exhibit were, but they were kind of hidden.

I found the museum’s event manager and asked her about this. She said that part of the special exhibit wasn’t in the contract, or so she thought. I asked her if she could double check. She did. Turns out that part of the exhibit hall (Samson Remembered) wasn’t in the contract. But she told me she’d go ahead and open it anyway. Go me 🙂

The reception was fun and fantastic and free beer is always a good thing. David and I made out in the Egyptian exhibit for a while. Good times.

Overall it was a fun night. I like helping out with wedding details, but to be thrown into something like this was a little crazy. Fortunately David was with me and understands a little bit of what has to happen to pull off a wedding. That’s a good thing for when we start planning everything.

And to complete the night, I met up with some friends on Water St and we hung out at Tequila Rita’s and chatted away. I also introduced them to X-Rated Fusion Liquor: